Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Limita3ons benets more informed decisions for

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Unformatted text preview: ate cards – lis3ng of A D rates by size, placement, etc. – es3mate because larger components can nego3ate Advertising Channel— Print Media Classified adver.sing— short msgs appearing together in a special sec3on and posted by the ind. and org. in order to sell specific goods and services Display adver.sing— consists of illustra3ons or images and text, can occupy a small sec3on of the page, full page, or mul3ple pages Advertising Channel— Electronic Media Ads on radio and T V are call commercials, or spots More expensive than print bc of audience fragmenta3on and specializa3on Subliminal adver.sing— ads that are supposed to happen below conscious awareness Product placement Advertising Channels— Pop Ups, Interstitials, Superstitials, and Video ad— online ad that opens in a new window from the one the user was in ad— online ad that covers part of the exis3ng screen or moves ot...
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