Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Ng prac3ce of using a d and marke3ng techniques to

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Unformatted text preview: ut by 1970s went back to 30sec with 1min pricing Piggybacking – running 2 ads of related products in the same one minute commercial Growth of Commercial Television (cont’d) Infomercials – 1969, paid program in which the show sells products Fairness Doctrine and F CC banned cigareDe ads on radio or T V Alcohol companies S R, un3l recently The Rise of Branding Branding— refers to the process of crea3ng in the consumer’s mind a clear iden3ty for a par3cular company’s product or trademark – differen3a3on, uniqueness Can change how we think of the product License their brand Selling Products, Selling Ideas Brands can be used to sell ideas and lifestyles Social prac3ce of using A D and marke3ng techniques to persuade people about changing bad or destruc3ve behavior or adap3ng good behavior public informa.on campaigns – me...
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