Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Ve dissonance aotudes unknown look to our behaviors

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Unformatted text preview: ake sense of the world affects interpreta3on Sources credibility, authority and aDrac3veness will affect how we interpret the msg Persuasive Communication (cont’d) Theory of Dissonance AOtudes unknown, look to our behaviors to figure out aOtudes, we do smth boring must be we like it, an3- social behavior The Role of Media in Persuasion Media plays an important role in persuasion Media itself has own credibility or authority Direct effects model – media has a direct and measurable effect upon audiences Advertising What is it? The Historical Development of Adver3sing The Rise of Branding Selling Products, Selling Ideas Adver3sing Channels Adver3sing Agencies What is it? Adver.sing— designed messages intended to inform or persuade members of public with regard to some product or service Pay per… – used to explain the no. og household that watch a show Cost per thousand (CPM) – standard unit for measuring A D rates in publica3ons based on circula3ons, unique page views or visits The Historical Development of Advertising First Adver3sing Greater...
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