Day 13 Media Ethics Exam 3

Cannibalism media has no standards the role of

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Unformatted text preview: work load Reporters choosing words carefully Difficult to implement in compe66ve market Deadline to meet, sex sells Relationship or Dialogical Ethics Judged by a`tudes and behaviors demonstrated by each par6cipant in a comm transac6on Strive for open dialog Ethics of Care Feminist ethics – men and women are equal, historically women have been oppressed by men R/s between people are impt Care for oneself and others within r/s Moral Relativism Says none is beTer than the other Not all groups/cultures think the same Cri6cism What is ethical then? Cannibalism? Media has no standards The Role of Commerm in Media Ethics Ways Commerm Affects Media Media Types Influencing Content New Worlds Ways Commerm Affects Media Capitalism—companies expected to make $$ Unpopular story may lead to no $$ Conflic6ng goals—serve public vs. $$ Commercial interests win when ads threatens to leave Media outlets won’t cover certain...
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