Day 13 Media Ethics Exam 3

Follow jus6ce and equality impt for society

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Unformatted text preview: late human rights Journalist publishing everyone’s crimes Discourse Ethics Jurgen Habermas Key points Communica6on is founda6on for understanding the world Comm is an ethical act Comm allows for ra6onal argument and interac6on Discourse is a formalized discussion to ensure all par6es are heard Set of rules to follow Jus6ce and equality impt for society Applica6on In all companies, discourse to make save prac6ces okay Consequences Result of our ac6on should always be considered Consequences determine ethicality U6litarianism Social Jus6ce Utilitarianism What does the greatest good for great # of ppl Becomes a numbers game – small good, great # or great good, small # Applica6on Used to jus6fy media coverage that may be hur\ul to some but coverage would help many Social marke6ng – an6- drugs Social Justice Extent to which brings most social jus6ce or fairness for everyone Walk in someone else’s shoes Applica6on AD imagine being a different ethnicity or gender Editors reconsider...
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