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Day 13 Media Ethics Exam 3

Tell the truth reveal signicant facts ethics in

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Unformatted text preview: Avoid going undercover, if you do, say you did and how Victimizing the Victims When do you report on crimes? Revic6mized if name appears in press Press can lead to copycats or help criminals get away Unethical when Unnecessary frames are added eg. Reckless, african- american Showing horrific images Ethical Issues in Advertising Decep6ve Adver6sing Puffery Conflicts of Interest in Adver6sing Adver6sing Codes of Ethics Deceptive Advertising Oken give false or decep6ve informa6on Only unethical when intended to mislead Federal Trade Commission will fine Puffery Puffery— language that makes extravagant and unrealis6c claims w/ nothing concrete – opinion statements Not typically illegal No way to prove or disprove claim Conflicts of Interest in Advertising Individual within company mi...
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