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Day 14 Law & Regulation Exam 3

Publish and distribute work patents protects the

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Unformatted text preview: seek out and present all sides of a controversial issue they were covering Discarded in 1987, two aspects remained: 1. poli/cal editorial rule 2. personal a]ack rule Must give the opp. party or the a]acked the opportunity to refute Discarded in 2000 No evidence that the value of the doctrine given st that it limits 1 amd Children’s Programming Protections The Children’s T V Act Violent and Sexual Programming The Children’s Television Act (1990) Limited the amount of commercial content, forces sta/ons to carry educa/onal programming for those under 16, includes other provisions to protect children Programming consider okay if… Designed to educate and inform, aired b/w 6am to 10pm, aired weekly, at least 30 mins Iden/fy as educa/onal Shows for <12ys, less than 10.5 mins (WD), 12 mins (WE) Ads Violent and Sexual Programming: The VChip Telecommunica/ons Act of 1996— federal govt can regulated T V violence and sexual content Intended to give control to parents, demanded V- chip V- Chip— violence chip, computer device allow parents to block access to programs containing violence or sex based on ra/ng Ra/ng system developed voluntarily Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual Property Fair Use Intellect...
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