Day 15 Politics and Mass Communication Exam 3

Are catchy and designed to capture medias ahengon

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Unformatted text preview: those who have access to the Internet and those who do not Exists across and within naGons Reflects larger socioeconomic trends Less educated, lower income, those discriminated against People who are online have advantages – more info beher decision making Internet Penetra/on Rates— % of people in an area using internet (China low, but have more people using Internet) Not just having, but understanding The Role of Media in Political Elections Sound Bites and Horse Races Changing Tone of Television PoliGcal Coverage Opinion Polls PoliGcal AdverGsing PoliGcal Debates Sound Bites and Horse Races PoliGcal comm is more about horse race – who is winning Sound bite— length of Gme a news subject is allowed to speak w/o being edited by a reporter, short uherances, that are catchy and designed to capture media’s ahenGon Decreasing over Gme 42s 9.8s Reduces ability to provide context The Changing Tone of Television Political Coverage Tone of T V coverage of poliGcs have changed 1960 – 25% news reports were –ve 1992 – 60% were –ve Length of statements also decreased, 14 7 Gmes Online coverage seems to be the same Opinion Polls Poll asking public their opinions on issues or poliGcal candidates Random samples, online polls or surveys are invalid Media coverage seems to correlate with opinion polls Push polls— type of poliGcal adverGsing that appears to be an opinion poll but is an adverGsing call Political Ad—Impact of Negative Advertising Many say similar to product adverGsing, but with a one day sale Drives them to do negaGve poliGcal adverGsing Ahack others’ character and record, not issue PoliGcal adverGsing focuses on other poliGcal adverGsing ProblemaGc bc contains falsehoods Political Ad—Negative Advertising Effectiveness D...
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