Day 15 Politics and Mass Communication Exam 3

Of govt bourgeoisiemiddle class a class that is

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Unformatted text preview: e and regulate their content, no govt censorship Example: Soviet Union, influenGal in criGcism The Public, the Public Sphere, and Public Opinion The Public Public Sphere Public Opinion The Public “The Public” is difficult to define Idea of The Public started in the late 1500s or early 1600s – changing from monarchies to more representaGve forms. of govt. Bourgeoisie—“middle class” – a class that is disGnguishable from the aristocracy and the proletariat Recognized diff economic and poliGcal interests, mass media used to communicate concerns and interests Public Sphere Idealized conversaGonal “space” in which ppl discuss and debate their interests separate from the interests of the state and civil society Based on raGonality and argument strength More of an ideal than a reality Hope is that media will allow for a public sphere Internet might provide a public sphere Public Opinion NoGon that the public, as a group, can form shared views or ideas about topics and that these ideas guide the public’s acGon eg. Occupy the Wall Street Important role in democraGc countries Used by P R firms to create posiGve opinion Public opinion can have a lot of power – create peGGons, release stories, inform the world Political Issues with Media Media in Developing Countries The Digital Divide Media in Developing Countries Media enable developing naGons the ability to improve economy eg. India’s call centers Western countries take advantage of inexpensive labor Pros and Cons P – allow them to skip industrial revoluGon C – no different than sending to factories The Digital Divide Gap between...
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