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Final fantasy marketing onen license content from

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Unformatted text preview: n on the films they make 1950’s French New Wave directors were among the first to use hand- held camera shots and freeze frames these individuals have a lot more control over process Notable American auteurs are Stanley Kubrick, Mar.n Scorsese, Spike Lee Technological Influences on Movie Genres Technology always influences filmmaking Allows people to create worlds (Star Wars), more realis.c anima.on (Avatar) Affect which movies are popular High- tech, faced paced media environment Plots will be interpreted differently depending on the tech. used Suspense movies where the vic.m is looking for a payphone makes no sense to younger audiences Other Entertainment Sources for Movies Books, movies, comics, video games Began to mine the web for inspira.on DVDs and Netflix Two things have radically changed the videotape market DVDs Portability, be;er quality, extra features Nellix Rent online, Can save money, more op.ons Video Games What are they?,, Games for Educa.on, Rise of Social Games What are Video Games Popularity of video- games have risen, especially mul.- player that feature fast- paced or sports Computer games have increased as well Role playing games, typically subscrip.on or freemium models Many games feature discussion groups These games use a number of cinema.c techniques to help develop story lines eg. Final fantasy Marketing Onen license content from other media Obtain licensing deals Marketed toward both males and females Games for Education Serious gaming—video games that have an educa.onal value or purpose to them US Army uses games for training Nursing home pa.ents seem to stay more mentally sharp and get ex...
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