Day 9 Entertainment Exam 2

Metro goldwyn mayer mgm ousted and created his own

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Unformatted text preview: lamorizes violence and encourages dangerous recrea.ons Fast- paced, team sports (slow – golf) TOP—Reality Shows Reality T V has been around for a while Truth or Consequence and Candid Camera America’s Funniest Home Videos Up – every 7 years – development Reality T V repopularized in 2000’s with Survivor Very versa.le, with lots of different formats Inexpensive to produce and money maker Ques.on the reality of the reality T V show Movies Hollywood’s Legendary Movie Moguls, Film Genres, The Director as Auteur, Technological Influences on Movie Genres, Other Entertainment Sources for Movies, DVDs and Nellix Hollywood’s Legendary Movie Moguls The Warner Brothers (founded W B in 1923) The Jazz Singer – produc9on Exhibi9ng to distribu9ng Walt Disney The Mickey Mouse Club MM Introduced in 1928 (Steamboar Willie) Worked for govt – propaganda CuYng edge color anima9on Hollywood’s Legendary Movie Moguls (Cont’d) Samuel Goldwyn Formed Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer (MGM) Ousted and created his own company Commi;ed to quality films w/ high produc.on value Marcus Loew Theaters Responsible for M GM Hollywood’s Legendary Movie Moguls (Cont’d) Louis B Mayer Showed Birth of a Na9on – Exhibitor Became President of M GM, Ruthless Film Genres Genres – type of story that has recognizable and defined elements that dis.nguish it from other types of stories and nonfic.on Nonfic.on, Fic.on and Documentary Help to define character of the cinema industry Reflects public interest The Director as Auteur Auteur—French for “author”, implies that directors who stamp their visio...
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