Day 9 Entertainment Exam 2

On having their own niche cable comes of age cable

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Unformatted text preview: cally insensi9ve, gender inequality Challenge or perpetuate stereotypes Both true – depends on who looks at the show The MTV Generation and Rise of Cable Cable and Satellite T V threatened programming dominance 1980 N BC produced Hill Street Blues 1981 M TV debuted it first music video – Radio killed the radio star The Real World, Jackass, Jersey Shore (MTV con9nues to innovate)(change the face of entertainment) MTV helped push programming fragmenta.on Having their own niche Cable Comes of Age Cable shows have taken many viewers from network T V Cable originally a;empted to make movies, but it was their T V shows that were most successful Network T V only has themselves to blame Public Service Broadcasting PBS started in 1969 and launched Sesame Street Funded annual federal appropria.ons, corporate sponsorships and private viewer contribu.ons BBC started in 1936, but different type of funding model Annual fee collected by govt by tax Under pressure given the rise of the cable T V Types of Programming – Game, Quiz, Talk Game or Quiz shows successful Many were rigged New rules and regula.ons Now canceled or moved to evening Talk shows have become even more popular TOP—Changes in Media & Programming Many shows were resistant to change Soap operas Guiding Light TOP—Filling the Day One of the most successful type of programming were game or quiz shows 1958 there were 22 game and quiz shows Many original games were either cancelled or moved to evening Talk shows have become even more popular TOP—Filling the Nights Prime- .me game shows have had a revival Isn’t clear why—could be that there is more money to gain S.ll a lot of drama.c series, sit- coms, and reality T V TOP—Sports Sports have been an ongoing venue for technical experimenta.on 1960s instant replays Technological advances have allowed for some “sports” programming to become popular eg. Poker Professional wrestling Blend of sports and entertainment – staged, g...
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