Day 9 Entertainment Exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: ercise if playing video games such as Wii Rise of Social Games Social games are coexist with popular SNS like Facebook Usually free, gain revenue through adver.sing User behavior obtained from game use is also a; to marketers Music From Tin Pan Alley to Hollywood, Roots of Rock and Roll, Redefining Rock, Music and M TV From Tin Pan Alley to Hollywood Originally music was recorded in the Tin Pan Alley of N YC Close to the Vandeville houses and theaters, people buy street music, play at home Irving Berlin was the most notable Tin Pan Alley, one of the greatest th songwriters of the 20 century Once Hollywood had sound in their movies, recorded music moved to L A “Talkies” Tin Pan Alley moved to L A Roots of Rock and Roll Rooted in blues, gospel, urban R&B, and rockabilly - A A Mid 1950s R&R emerged as a popular sensa.on Berry Gordy—started own recorded company, Motown (AA) Record Company, in Detroit 1960s con.nued to evolve Began to have social impact, Bob Dylan Redefining Rock Mid 1960s rock music was redefined by “the Invasion” Rolling Stones etc., Drug use Psychedelic rock, jazz rock, heavy metal Drug use also became popular and influenced music 1970s became more socially conscious and experimental Glam rock, disco, punk 1980s saw Heavy Metal and Arena Rock 1990’s saw and Progressive Rock - Sea;le Genre con.nues to evolve older genres reemerging or melding making it difficult to classify Music and MTV MTV changed music industry bc how the band looked became more important Studies have found that people enjoy watching music more than listening Research has shown that between 40- 75% of all music contains sexual imagery Books and Magazines Popularity of Books Portable and rela.vely inexpensive, will con.nue to be popular Fic.on is len to the reader’s imagina.on,...
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