Day 8 Journalism Exam 2

Hearst although a p stories were objec4ve sta writers

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Unformatted text preview: sec4on, editorial commentary, public affairs Objectivity and The Associated Press By the 1840s objec8vity—journalis4c principle that says journalist should be impar4al and free of bias in repor4ng Took hold because of the development of a news wire service (Telegraph) The Associated Press (highly credible, unbiased) 6 major N Y newspapers In 50 years, no bias Pulitzer vs. Hearst Although A P stories were objec4ve, staff writers weren’t sensa8onal journalism – news that exaggerated or featured lurid details and depic8ons of events to get a larger audience Dominated 8ll the 1900s Pulitzer and Hearst competed in this arena Yellow journalism – Pulitzer’s “ Yellow Kid” comic, sensa4onalized ar4cles in which most or all were made up Joseph Pulitzer Purchased the N Y Post and World Frequent illustra4ons, racy style, colorful headlines Sunday Cartoons Focused on city news, and wanted original, drama4c, compelling stories Ader Spanish- American War no longer used sensa4onal journalism William Randolph Hearst Acquired N Y Morning Journal and stole many of Pulitzer’s journalists with hirer salaries Printed colorful banner headlines, splashy photography, possibly made up stories Known for thorough repor4ng and condensing info The Muckrakers Muckrakers – journalists who inves4gated business and poli4cal corrup4on Were important to the development of modern newspaper Typically they reported in magazines because they required longer ar4cles Famous muckrackers – The Jungle, Upton Sinclair The Rise of Electronic Journalism as radio became more popular, newspapers declined Edward R. Murrow set the standard for TV journalism (from radio) Changes in T V News Concern about visual presenta4on and entertainment value Electronic news- gathering equipment (video camera etc.) Rise of 24hr news...
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