Day 8 Journalism Exam 2

Journalism some types alterna4ve journalism public

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Unformatted text preview: News, Producing the News, Distribu4ng the News Introduction Shid in what is being reported Reasons for shid Basic things are the same however Gather the News Many news orgs use the A P Beats – a reporter’s specialized area of coverage based on geography or subject Cover specific issues and stories – not much variability Producing the News— Print Very short turn around 4me Editors decide which stories, how much space, where they are placed – breaking news Editors role is to look for logical weaknesses or errors Factcheckers— research facts in stories to ensure accuracy Copyeditors correct wri4ng errors and make sure it is wriQen in the correct style Design and page layout ar4sts determine how it looks Producing the News—TV Camera crews return back with footage to edit TV requires more people given the amount of technology they work with Digital technology has reduced the number of people needed Distributing the News Goal in print and electronic media is to aQract as large an audience as possible Newspaper and Magazines TV Technique used – font, color, shiny and glossy paper Subscrip4on (guaranteed money) or newsstand sales (more ex) Uses teasers, ques4ons, and bai4ng – might be at the end Types of Journalism Some types, Alterna4ve Journalism, Public Journalism, Ci4zen Journalism, An Interna4onal Perspec4ve Some Types Interpre8ve repor8ng – facts put into a broader context by relying on knowledge and experience New/Literary Journalism – literary techniques are used to make the ar4cle more accessible eg. Narra4ves, emo4ons Advocacy Journalism – commiQed to poli4cal and social reform Alternative Journalism Rooted in radical and social movements in the U K during the 1800s Small, no ads, Working class – an4 establishments Prov...
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