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Day 8 Journalism Exam 2

Operations separa4on of business and news ensures

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Unformatted text preview: channels means there is a larger news hole – 4me or space available to report news Foundations of Journalism The Hutchins Commission and a Free and Responsible Press Separa4on of Editorial and Business Opera4ons Fairness and Balances in News Coverage Framing the News Expert Sources The Hutchins Commission and a Free and Responsible Press – educate people, be critical Cri4c of the state of press in U S stated: State that agencies of mass comm help to finance new, experimental ac4vi4es in their field create academic- profession to study, research, and publish Establish an agency to govern and check in on the repor4ng (responsibility of repor4ng accurate info, public has the right to info that affects it, press responsible for repor4ng it) Separation of Editorial and Business Operations Separa4on of business and news Ensures that news coverage isn’t influenced by business decisions and adver4sers Ppl are concerned that this system is breaking down Fairness and Balances in News Coverage Fairness— concept of covering all relevant sides of an issue and allowing spokespeople responsible for those various sides a chance to be covered in the same way Balance— concept of presen4ng sides equally or of repor4ng on a broad range of news events Present both sides, not give the same amount to both These two ideas have replaced objec4vity Framing the News Frame— how journalist want to tell the story to readers which then influences them to think about the story in a certain way, done before story is even wriQen Bigger problem is when events are forced to fit the story or exis4ng frames Expert Sources Expert sources are used to add more credibility to a story Happens for all types of news From Event to Public Eye: News is Created Introduc4on, Gathering the...
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