Day 8 Journalism Exam 2

That tradi4onal journalist do online users media

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Unformatted text preview: ided an outlet for stories that would never get published in main stream news forums Died out for a while, but resurgence in 1999 W TO protests Public Journalism Started bc of dissa4sfac4on with mainstream media’s coverage of social and poli4cal issues Less radical approach than alt. jour., but does try to accurately inform (less radical) People seem to trust this type of journalism more Cri4cisms Soapbox – voice opinions, shout and yell, like a megaphone to cri4cize, not necessary produc4ve Citizen Journalism S4ll not clearly defined, but able to flourish due to digital tech. and social media Typically not created with an agenda Some news outlets are trying to train people to engage in this - C J They call tend to emphasize a conversa4on and interac4on between journalist and audience Cri4cisms Used as unpaid reporters, Journalists believe that gatekeeping is impt An International Perspective Cultural convergence has allowed readers the ability to see how news is reported in other countries Allows U S journalists to reinvent how to present informa4on Journalism in the Digital World The 24/7 News Cycle, Nontradi4onal News Sources, Online Users’ Media Habits, Personaliza4on, Contextualiza4on of News, Convergent Journalism The 24/7 News Cycle Not 4ed to a print schedule or broadcast slot anymore Newspapers may leak informa4on online Embargo – temporary holds on release of info Web can’t release info, Compe44on 24/7 news can cause problems with produc4on costs bc they need 24/7 staff Nontraditional News Sources Two ways...
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