Day 2 Media Literacy UBLearns EXAM 1

Nonprot media public service media product placement

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Unformatted text preview: se Economic Factors Economic pressures can cause some media outlets to close Economy can promote less popular products – holds license to I OS for Apple, costs higher Economics can affect the programming we see – Reality T V cheaper Commercial Forces on Media Content Profit vs. Nonprofit Media Public Service Media Product Placement and Corporate Sponsorship Concentra2on of Media Ownership Profit vs. Nonprofit Media Profit – adver2sing, stock market Nonprofit – govt or public ins2tu2ons, P BS, N PR Public Service Media PBS & N PR almost threatened to shut down Govt in recession cannot afford, Romney suggest to cut funding Now receiving money from businesses Product Placement and Corporate Sponsorship Product placement— when adver2sers pay to have their products shown...
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