Day 2 Media Literacy UBLearns EXAM 1

Recorded music typically conforms to 5 mins within

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Unformatted text preview: e Ecommerce— allows companies to gain info regarding client’s online behavior Allows for targeted adver2sing Media Grammar Defini2on Print Media Radio and Recorded Music Film and T V Media Grammar Media Grammar— underlying rules that is used and understood by audience Tradi2onal medium—don’t think about New medium—has to adopt or create Print Media There are “rules” for every property of print Why is it a certain font Newspaper – adver2sement vs news content (Inverse pyramid) New forms of print media s2ll use the same features – general vs specifc (IP) Radio and Recorded Music Variety of audio techniques to help convey informa2on, capture aVen2on, evoke mood, etc. Recorded music typically conforms to… 5 mins, within genre beats and rhythms which allows radio sta2on to market Film and Television Specific type of camera tricks TV – few loca2ons and cast members Laugh tracks— coincide with punchlines Type of T V...
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