Day 2 Media Literacy UBLearns EXAM 1

Day 2 Media Literacy UBLearns EXAM 1

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Unformatted text preview: or used in shows Sponsors specific programs or news content 2012 by Coke, en2re T V channels sponsored Concentra2on of Media Ownership Economic Convergence Creates less diversity Fewer ideas Commercial Forces on Digital Media Content Open- Source Movement Revenue Models for Digital Media Open- Source Movement Open- source—is free soNware that is available for anyone to use – Linux, Wiki Revenue Models for Digital Media Adver2sing Subscrip2ons Ecommerce Revenue Model—Adver2sing Banner ads— adver2sing that appears on top of websites, work for large companies Search engine adver2sing - B ING Revenue Models— Subscrip2ons Subscrip9ons— charge to use site, Wall Street Journal, Pandora Freemium— access some content for free but have to pay or subscribe for full Revenue Models— Ecommerc...
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