Day 3 Print Media UBLearns EXAM 1

Press reported on arrivals and departures of ships

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Unformatted text preview: rent Newspaper Industry Issues Sales and Readership of Newspapers Distinctive Functions of Newspapers General – surveillance, correla1on and entertainment Local News Na1onal News – few actual U S na1onal papers, N Y Times, Wall Street, new media tech changed newspaper distribu1ons History of Newspapers Today Commercial Press and Par1san Press Reported on arrivals and departures of ships 1830s affiliated with poli1cal par1es Own set of grammar, new grammar encouraged unbiased repor1ng Limited to those affiliated w/ poi1lcal party History of Newspapers Today (Cont’d) Colonial Readership and Finances – ex for average, only for elites Golden Age of Newspapers NY S UN 1t to use prin1ng press, become available to average worker, paid people to find stories, easier to read, adver1sing, Current Newspaper Industry Issues Newspaper Preserva?on Act of 1970 Created to ensure diversity of opinion under joint opera?ng arrangement – many ci?es had single newspaper,...
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