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Day 3 Print Media UBLearns EXAM 1

Readership readership or of ppl who read newspapers

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Unformatted text preview: owned by same parent company but run and managed separately A_er W WII demand for news shi_ed because of commu1ng Now digital media has created ability for newspapers to experiment with electronic distribu1on Current Newspaper Industry Issues (Cont’d) Benefits of Newspaper Chains Problems with Chains Pressure small papers to bring profit – economic layoffs, no local staff for news Current Newspaper Industry Issues (Cont’d) Declining Number of Daily Newspapers In last 60 years, Sunday papers increase, figuring out why Sales and Readerships of Newspapers Circula1on and Readership Readership—# or % of ppl who read newspapers Circula?on—# of copies sold or distributed due to pass- along readership, readership > circula1on b/c ppl pass- along the paper to others Adver1sing – majority revenue, adver1sing increase as people reading decrease Magazines Dis1nc1ve Func1ons History Current Magazine Industry Issues Sales and Reader...
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