Day 3 Print Media UBLearns EXAM 1

Rst tb in u s was alphabets history of books today

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Unformatted text preview: ts were printed in large numbers printed in common language ! everyday person could read ! literacy was low 1ll 1800 ! first TB in U S was alphabets History of Books Today (Cont’d) Cheaper and Smaller Books Dime Novels – low cost Mass- Market Paperbacks – inexpensive so9- covered sold in public and bookstores, “Paperback genera?on”, post W W2 due to large number printed Print- on- Demand Low cost, digital, based on demand, self- published books Current Book Industry Issues Mergers and Consolida1ons – decreases opera1ng costs, save money, publish more Intertwined with Global Media and Entertainment Industry Profit from selling tech products and services, Kindle, selling royal1es Online, booksellers, electronic books, on- demand prin1ng also changes books No more bookstores or books Sales and Readership of Books Last 20 years books sales unsteady Examine within genre or category Adult trade and professional books increase Newspapers Dis1nc1ve Func1on History Cur...
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