Day 7 Social Media & Web 2 Exam 2s

Day 7 Social Media& Web 2 Exam 2s

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Unformatted text preview: to synthesize Benefits Provides informa?on to those who just read Lurking – prac?ce of only reading what others write on online D B but not contribu?ng to the discussion Anonymous pos?ng Chat Rooms Virtual room people can visit and talk with each other through text messages in real ?me Different than instant messaging – real- ?me text msgs transmi_ed over a computer to just a couple of people at the most Divided by topics Can have special guests (Eg. Reddit) Drawbacks Scrolling – repea?ng the same msg in the CR Chao?c, People type slow Blogs Websites in which a person posts regular journal or diary entries with the posts arranged chronologically 1999 took off bc of tech advances Blogs most similar to T M Read but do not comment Blogs in work Journalist originally discouraged, but not anymore Businesses have to be careful Mul?media Picture, audio clips etc. Microblogs Similar to blogs, but grammar and tech encourage shorter posts and content Twi_er most common Use it as a curatorial news service Tumblr Allows text and mul?media content Many S NS offer microblogging features Wikis A website that lets anyone add, edit, or delete pages and content History 1945 conceived, but 1970s executed 1994 Wikiwikiwe...
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