Day 7 Social Media & Web 2 Exam 2s

On companies bands etc made or ruined bc of convos

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Unformatted text preview: ul to produce and distribute Agenda se^ng func?on – talk about certain things – people filter informa?on Cost is vastly different Time and effort, costs less eg. blogs What is “Social” About Social Media Choice, Conversa?on, Cura?on, Crea?on, Collabora?on Choice People have far more op?ons - Read reviews More proac?ve in their choices - Seek out info “more choice” does not mean “be_er quality” Conversa?on Discussion groups, usenet, email, I M, and Twi_er contribute to conversa?on Companies, bands, etc. made or ruined bc of convos people have online 2006 Comcast complaint, Comcast began trolling blogs – Comcast monopolized Internet Companies and corporate image is not just determined by P R/ad, but by the public Domino’s Pizza (recreate their image) Cura?on Media professionals and librarians no longer gatekeepers—those that filter (those that are relevant) and disseminate informa?on Gatewatchers – people act as their own filters, classifiers and reviewers Classifica?on occurs through tagging and folksonomies T – define a piece of info or content to help describe what it is F – collec?on of tags by users that provide metadata Publicly determined Crea?on Allows for people to create, but most people s?ll happy just consuming Twi_er – 90% of content, created by 10% of them S?ll a lot more content is created in digital media than trad. due to shear numbers Online crea?on is an issue because of intellectual property laws Who owns it? People expect it to be free, People borrow content to recreate new things Collabora?on People are willing to collaborate for the common good Widgets – portab...
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