Day 7 Social Media & Web 2 Exam 2s

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Unformatted text preview: le chunks of code that can be embedded in H TML pages and gives users extra func?onality and are typically free Open- source materials like Linux Start online and move offline Poli?cal movements Howard Dean (1st campaign tool) vs. Al Gore ( just info, less successful, no #) Obama In some ways we need real world interac?ons to complement our online ones Types of Social Media Email, Discussion Boards and Web Forms, Chat Rooms, Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis, S NS Email st One of the 1 forms of S M Some?mes forgo_en, but it can be used to reach mul?ple people Listservs – automated mailing list administrators that allow for easy subscrip?on, cancela?on and sending of emails to subscribers Opt- in – users choose to receive emails or not Benefits of listservs Longer more complex discussions can take place Wri_en when convenient Arrives directly to inbox, increases likelihood they will receive Drawbacks Spam – unwanted emails sent by adver?sers as a mass mailing Info overload Monopoliza?on by a few (a few sending msgs) Discussion Boards and Web Forums Online bulle?n board in which users can post messages to one another Posts are organized in threads Usenet came out in 1979 as one of the first D B Newsgroups – categories of discussions lots of websites discouraged D B because they didn’t want responsibility for what was said Drawbacks Monopoliza?on of D B w/ non relevant topics or too many of the same Moderators can help avoid this Difficult to explore issues fully, difficult...
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