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Day 1 Mass Comm Introductin UBLearns EXAM 1

Model convergence denion types implicaons

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Unformatted text preview: h Cultural Transmission Can cause mindless adop,on Entertainment Entertainment Can be present in 3 other func1ons, but media can bring enjoyment and nothing else Theories of Communica,on Shannon- Weaver Model Schramm’s Simplified Communica,ons Model Shannon- Weaver Models Schramm’s Simplified Communica,ons Model Convergence Defini,on Types Implica,ons Defini,on—Convergence Convergence— coming together of compu,ng, telecommunica,ons and media in a digital env In a nutshell— changes in the media industry Changes in the interplay between I PC and M C IPC becomes M C MC becomes I PC Blogs Types of Convergence Technological Economic Cultural Technological Convergence (TC) Technological Convergence— specific types of media converging into a single digital media form Journalism Digital media affec,ng tradi,onal media eg. Kindle Economic Convergence (EC) Economic convergence— merging of tradi,onal media companies with Internet or telecommunica,ons compayes Consolida1on— the merging or acquisi,on of absorp,on of 2 or more companies Can create conflict of interests Cultural Convergence (CC) Culture refers to values, beliefs, and prac,ces shared by a group of people Cultural Convergence— the process of globaliza,on of media content Content in one culture being popular in another Everyday users crea,ng their own media content Implica,ons of Convergence...
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