Day 1 Mass Comm Introductin UBLearns EXAM 1

Wikis media use changes portability of devices allows

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Unformatted text preview: Media Organiza,on Changes Media Type Changes Media Use Changes Media Distribu,on Changes Media Audience Changes Media Profession Changes ANtude and Value Changes Figure 1- 1 Media Type Changes Preconvergence differences btwn media easy to see – radio can be done via internet Now both can be done online Legal implica,ons Print has more freedom of speech rights than broadcast What to do with internet content Media Content Changes The Internet allows many different types of media to be accessed Hyperlinks – allow users to obtain more info Digi1za1on – transforms how & when info is distributed & accessed Wikis Media Use Changes Portability of devices allows us to access media whenever we want Media orgs can access us whenever they want – adver,sing all the ,me Assump,on – everyone has equal access Media Distribu,on Changes Because media orgs can access people whenever they want, this has affected how they distribute informa,on Viral marke1ng – spread via word of mouth, typically on Internet eg. Dove Media Distribu,on Changes (Cont’d) Peer- to- Peer – file sharing, users have equal abili,es to store, send, a...
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