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Unformatted text preview: and taking revenue from larger companies Digital formats and internet release allowed for this Recording-Industry Business Model Crea$on Promo$on Distribu$on Pricing Structure Creation Major labels invest in an ar$st BC of this want control over content and promo$on Gain the majority of the profits Func$on as gatekeepers Promotion Radio play is the best promo$onal vehicle Typically labels give radio sta$ons free copies to play Gives major labels and leg up on indie labels Music videos another way to promote Youtube leaks can be helpful TV shows, video games, and ringtones also help to promote Distribution Tradi$onally distribu$on occurred in stores with large displays But online venues can’t do that they can have greater diversity Long Tail—retailers having more diversity of genres/items, but fewer within each People don’t need physical products Gain online, so lower distribu$on costs But can be stolen Pricing Structures Price se_ng is a major part of sales and profit CDs cost less than $5 to make Digital copies copy even less Outlook for Recording Company Digital Rights Management and Illegal File Sharing Among the first hit by digital Napster—sued successfully File sharing s$ll a problem Internet provides block ability Individuals sued...
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