Day 4 Audio Media

Television radio most widely available means of

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Unformatted text preview: New Business Models Emerging Two new models to counteract file- sharing Pay for downloading music Subscrip:ons through Pandora and Spo:fy Broadcasting Broadcast Radio Dis$nc$ve Func$on of Radio History of Radio Radio Industry Today Outlook for Radio Industry Broadcast Originally coined in agriculture referring to cas$ng seeds into field Describes transmission of radio and T V feed Broadcast—transmission of a message(s) over part of the electromagne$c spectrum to a receiver, or antenna, which translates the message to a device such as a radio or television Radio Most widely available means of communica$on in the world Inexpensive S$ll one of the most heavily used in the US People tend to under- report frequency of listening to the radio Distinctive Function of Radio Entertainment, surveillance, and marke$ng Aler$ng people of emergencies History of Radio Wireless Telegraphy Exploring Radio’s Early Poten$al Voice Transmission Radio Before, During, and Acer W WI Widespread Public Adop$on of Radio FM Radio, Edwin Howard Armstrong, and David Sarnoff Rise of Radio Networks Wireless Telegraphy Heinrich Hertz set stage for development of wireless communica$on Granville T. Woods invented a means of transmi_ng a message along railways Guglielmo Marconi inventor of...
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