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Hardy-Weinberg Principle - Study Notes

A bimodal distribution two new modes might result in

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Unformatted text preview: / might result in two distinct forms of the species (→morphs) Reasons for a high incidence of a (dominant) rare disease/allele in a population [EXAM] Allele frequency stays constant due to Common ancestor/no migration/genetic isolation/small gene pool/in-breeding High probability of mating with person having the allele Reproduction before symptoms of the disease are apparent No survival/selective disadvantage (no elimination by natural selection) Speciation Splitting of one into more species/transformation of one into a new species over time Emigration/immigration moves alleles between populations Changes allele frequency by genetic variation in meiosis Reproductive Isolation Mechanisms Premating Habitat isolation / populations inhibit different local habitants within one environment Temporal isolation / same environment but are reproductively active at different times Behavioural isolation / two populations have different courtship patterns Geographical separation / populations inhabi...
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