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Hardy-Weinberg Principle - Study Notes

Patterns geographical separation populations inhabit

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Unformatted text preview: t different continents, islands, � Postmating Gametes mortality / sperm cannot reach or fertilize egg Zygote mortality / fertilisation occurs, but zygote fails to develop Hybrid sterility / hybrid survives (viable) but is sterile and cannot reproduce (no meiosis) Hybrid inviability / F1 hybrid has reduced viability: incomplete development Allopatric speciation (geographical isolation) Physical barrier (H2O, mountains, dessert) divides a population Two different environments (abiotic, biotic) Natural selection Genetic drift changes genotype and phenotype Two populations evolve separately Reproductively isolated / 2 distinct species Sympatric speciation (reproductive isolation) Genetic isolation by mutation / reproductively isolated / but inhibit same habitat Drift can cause further divergence between isolated gene pools Hybridisation in plants o Offspring produced from parents of two different species o Chromosomal number doubles / polyploidy o New species is reproductively isolated by a postmating mechanisms Can only reproduce with other polyploids, backcrosses with (2n) parents are sterile...
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