How are these important when considering how ionizing

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Unformatted text preview: rder for radiographic images that show good contrast between bone and soft tissue, the machine must be adjusted to a emit X- rays within a specific energy range. Why is that the case? The ideal X- ray energy for radiography should be within the range that will have interactions with matter primarily through the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric interaction is distinct between heavier atoms (Ca in bones) and lighter atoms (C, O, H in soft tissue), therefore creating the difference in absorption that creates the desired contrast in radiological images. 6. (10 points) Cells consist of about 70% water. What important chemical species are produced by irradiating water in cells? How are these important when considering how ionizing radiation damages the organic molecules that are critical for cell function? Irradiation of water creates free radicals / reactive oxygen species. These are extremely chemically reactive, and will promptly undergo chemical reactions with cellular molecules (DNA, Proteins, etc), and therefore damage them....
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