What would you say the basic parameters regarding the

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Unformatted text preview: for same biological effect RBE is of Coloradon particles = 10 Gy / 1Gy = 10 The Coloradon is likely a HIGH LET particle. X- ray radiation has low LET. Since the Coloradon is 10 times more effective biologically than X- rays, it is therefore likely a high LET form of radiation. 9. (5 points) List five forms of electromagnetic radiation, ordering them according to their increasing energies from lowest to highest, and circle if they are ionizing (IR) or not (Non- IR): lowest energy 1. _____Radio_________________________, IR or non- IR 2. _____Visible light__________________, IR or non- IR ê༎ 3. _____UV light_______________________, IR or non- IR 4. _____X- rays_________________________, IR or non- IR highest energy 5. _____Gamma- rays__________________, IR or non- IR 10. (5 points) It is June of 2014. A truck carrying the radioactive isotope RAMium has an accident on I- 25 near Fort Collins, spilling its cargo onto the side of the highway. Because you are new Environmental Health professional, and presumably a RAMium expert, you are immediately contacted by Larimer County for your input. The...
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