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MGMT NOTES: performance management and goals

Know the outcome you are looking for so that you know

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Unformatted text preview: n attain, they are not going to do it §༊ Best to set a challenging goal that is still attainable o Results oriented, you know when to stop. Know the outcome you are looking for so that you know when you achieved it. Ex: when you sit down to do hw “I have this to do for Ibus, this for finance, this for mgmt.” rather than “I have so much work to do” §༊ ^^ organize, specific as possible in goal setting o Time bound: target, due dates FEEDBACK Make sue it is Objective: fact- based feedback about performance o Ex: 89 on test Subjective: by opinion o Ex: you didn’t do as well as I wanted you to People like to hear feedback, feedback helps to attain peak performance Giving Good Feedback o Focus on performance o...
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