Sensory Modalities in GPS Systems Paper

Sight hearing and touch in navigation systems 8

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Unformatted text preview: ly direct a users attention and are involved in the localization of 2D objects. Another interesting value of tactile GPS devices is that the sense of touch is not the primary modality used for navigation. This is beneficial because they make use of underutilized sensory modalities (Van Erp et al., 2006). Although the positive characteristics associated with tactile GPS systems are very useful and productive, there are many more drawbacks that force these types of GPSs to only be used in very specific settings. Some things that make navigation tools involving the sense of touch harder to use involve detecting different types of SIGHT, HEARING, AND TOUCH IN NAVIGATION SYSTEMS 7 signals. It’s harder to distinguish a warning or alert from tactile GPS devices because information is not available after the initial presentation, there are no outright quantitative restrictions, and it requires “parallel processing of several chunks of information” (Van Erp et al., 2006). Every individual user also has different sensitivity levels to the warning signals, so some may not be able to actually sense a vibration when others can rather easily (Van Erp et al., 2006). Lastly, using this product is not intuitive. With visual or auditory GPS systems a user may be able to figure out how to use the device on their own, or by reading a small instruction manual. Tools involving sight and hearing for navigation purposes have been around for a while and are widely used. This is not the case for haptic vibrating belts and tactile GPS systems. These gadgets require time intensive training unlike its counterparts (Boyle, 2011). As previously stated, tactile systems can be very useful in the military. When a soldier needs geographical information to be kept private and also needs to conceal his or her cover, navigational tools involving the sense of touch would be perfect to...
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