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Case Study (Exam Prep) - Kenaston Convinience Store

Case Study (Exam Prep) - Kenaston Convinience Store -...

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Kenaston Convenience Store The Kenaston Convenience Store (KCS) is a local convenience store located near a subdivision in Regina. KCS opened about three years ago and is owned and operated by the Wu family. The store has been very successful and now that the neighbourhood has matured and the population is large enough, a major chain of convenience stores, Community Mart Ltd. (CML), is interested in buying KCS so that it can establish a presence in the area. It is CML’s usual practice to only move into an area once the population density has reached a certain level. It prefers to buy out an existing convenience store in an area because it gets the benefit of an established location and eliminates a competitor. You are CML’s location evaluator. It’s your job to make contact with the owners of established convenience stores that CMS might be interested in and evaluate their suitability for acquisition. Your preliminary evaluation of KCS is that it is a potential candidate for acquisition and your initial discussions with Mr. Wu were favourable. Mr. Wu has agreed to allow you to look at KCS’s most recent income statements. The income statements are presented below:
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