O kinesics is the study of body motions such as

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Unformatted text preview: are 10- 15 that takes on responsibilities of their former managers o Cross Functional Teams who work together on same level but has different work areas of specialty Task Forces are temporary cross functional teams Committees are a group composed of members from different departments o Virtual Teams work together through computer technology in order to achieve a common goal • Roles are a set of expected behaviours in a given position in a social unit o Role Expectations is how others believe a person should act in a situation o Role Conflict is when one finds it hard to fulfill a role opposed to another one o Role Ambiguity is when a person is unclear about his or her role o Role Overload is when too much is expected of someone o Role Underload is too little is expected of someone, and they are feeling like they aren’t contributing • Norms are acceptable standards of behaviour within a group that are shared by all the group members o Performance > Appearance > Social Arrangement > Allocation of Resources o Facilitates group’s survival > increases predictability of group members’ behaviours > reduces embarrassing interpersonal problems for group members > express central values and identity o Conformity is adjusting one’s behaviour to align with the norms of the group • Five Stage Model o Forming is first stage characterized by much uncertainty o Storming is second stage characterized by intragroup conflict o Norming is third stage characterized by close relationships and cohesiveness o Performing is fourth stage when group is full functional o Adjourning is final stage for temporary groups where attention is directed towards wrapping up • The Punctuated Equilibrium Model o First meeting sets group’s direction o The first phase of group is one of inertia o A transition takes place at the end which occurs exactly when the group has used up half of time o The transition initiates major changes o A second phase of inertia follows the transition o Last meeting is characterized by markedly accelerated activity • Multi Team Systems in which different teams need to coordinate their efforts to produce a desired outcome o Climate of trust, Performance Evaluation and Rewards, leadership and structure, adequate resources • Roles o Task Orientated Roles are when a person ensures...
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