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Certainly there are differences among individual

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Unformatted text preview: fferent orga o our of OB OB Loo Consistencies – What is common about behaviour, and helps predictability? – Certainly there are differences among individual similar situations, all peopl i o er, there are certain fundamental consistencies underlying the behaviour of all individuals that can be identified and then modified to reflect individual differences OB Loo eyond Common Sense – Systematic study, based on scientific eviden Prepared by: Eiston Lo, University of British Columbia th Source: Langton, Robbin, & Judge, Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications 5 Cdn Edition 9 Chapter 1 What is OB? Comm 292 , Eiston Lo – nships, attempting to attribute causes and effects ing conclusions based on scientific eviden ans data are gathered under controlled conditions, and measured and interpreted in a reasonably rigorous manner, rather than relying on common sense OB a es – There are fe le and universal principle orga al behaviou – an beings are very co the ability to simple, accurate, and es a Contingen i ing g ich limits ns oach – OB considers behaviou – OB concepts must reflect situational or contingency conditions, and hence predictions about human behaviour are at best probabilistic, under conditions specified in Z (the contingency variabl The point-counterpoint debates at the end of each chapter underscore the fact that there is significant disagreement about many of the concepts in this developing – OB considers the multiple levels in an organi group, and organi ndividual, – OB is built fro dom and research of multiple disciplines, including psychology, sociology, social psychology, and anthropolo – orga es a systematic approach to the study of onal phenomen orga es a contingency approach to the consideration of al phenom Recommendations depend on – D. Summary and Implications Notes: 1. What is organizational behaviour? OB is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behaviour org 2. What challenges do managers and employees face in today’s workplace? OB focuses on a number of challenges at the individual, group, and orga al levels: improving productivity, reducing absenteeism Prepared by: Eiston Lo, University of British Columbia th Source: Langto...
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