Todays challenges in the canadian workplace notes

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Unformatted text preview: a ls affect career succe B. Today’s Challenges in the Canadian Workplace Notes: – Understanding orga onal behaviour has never been more important for managers and employees as the Canad o ace advance -first – o ace that both employees and managers face today is different in some fairly fund o ace that years a – Some of those challenges include loss of respect, changing ons, sharing po aging in a changing and competitive environment, globali ation, a o ace enge ferences aces differ according to personality characteristics, perception, values, and have a very real impact on behaviou Job Satisfaction Overall job satisfaction in the Canadian ace is relatively The belief that satisfied employees are more productive than dissatisfied employees has been a basic assumption among mana Prepared by: Eiston Lo, University of British Columbia th Source: Langton, Robbin, & Judge, Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications 5 Cdn Edition 5 Chapter 1 What is OB? Comm 292 , Eiston Lo – me evidence uestions that causal relationship, it can be argued that society should be concerned no quantity of life— th concerns such as higher productivity and material ac uisitions— th its quality Job satisfaction is also of concern because it is negatively related to absenteeism and ich cost organ ns considerable amounts of money annually Motivation – Reid survey, 29 percent of employees responded that they do not feel they receive fair or reasonable re that they ment – ment means managers are putting employees in charge of – The roles for both managers and employees are changing, often uch guidance o erform these ne role Managers are having to learn ho ive up control, and employees are having to learn ho esponsibility for o n appropriate decisio Behaving Ethically – a characteri ed ons of increasing er productivity, and tough competition in the ace, ether surprising that many employees feel pressured to cut corners, brea les, and engage in other forms of estionable practice – The recent Enron scandal illustrated ho asually some people treat the su r ecutives creatively changed ho they reported their profits and losses – Ethics is the study of moral values or principles that guide our behaviour, and inform u actions are right or o principles hel do the ri al enges at the Group Level Wo – n Others eople irely alone, and some organi espread use of team – Therefore, most individuals intera ions...
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