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Studies suggest that employees bs that give them h o

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Unformatted text preview: reasingly complaining eo and no ecome blurred, creating personal conflicts – Recent studies suggest that employees bs that give them h o edules so they can better manag o life conflicts Creating a Positive Wo Environment – ing to competitive pressure urning up the organi ons mpetitive advantage by fostering a p o environm – o area in OB research has been positive organizational scholarship, ich focuses on ho g ns develop human strengths, foster vitality and resilience, and unl p Global Competition – ent years, Canadian businesses have faced tough competition from the United States, Europe, Japan, and even Chi from other companie in our bord – To survive, they have had to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve Managing and Wo ng in a Multicultural World – onal corporations develop operations o de, as companies develop joint venture foreign partners, and as ers increasingly pursue job opportunities across national Prepared by: Eiston Lo, University of British Columbia th Source: Langton, Robbin, & Judge, Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications 5 Cdn Edition 8 Chapter 1 What is OB? Comm 292 , Eiston Lo borders, managers and employees must become capable of n people from different cultur C. OB: Making Sense of Behaviour in Organizations n – - Notes: OB iplines have contributed to the study of OB (see ard an OB Discipli Psychology – Psychology is the science that se s to measure, sometimes change the behaviour of humans and other animals ists concern themselve th studying and attempting to understand individual behav Social Psychology – Social psychology is an ar psychology, but it blends concepts from psychology and sociol ocuses on the influence of people on one anoth Sociology – Psychologists focus o hereas sociologists study the social system in ich individuals fill their rol hat is, sociology studies people in relation to other human being pology – pology is the study of societies to learn about human beings and thei ogists on cultures and environments, for instance, has helped us understand differences in fundamental values, attitudes, and behaviour bet en people in different countries and di...
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