thetrulywise - Logan Millen The Truly Wise 3/25/08 I was...

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Logan Millen 3/25/08 The Truly Wise I was homeschooled up until tenth grade, and the homeschooling years were probably the most enjoyable compared to the rest of my educational career. These years were so great because of the lack of due dates, homework, and other useless tasks. The educational system of the United States is mostly useless and causes much unnecessary stress to young students. “I never let school get in the way of my education” was a quote said by Mark Twain. During my homeschooling years, I never had to do homework or sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher drone on about useless facts that I would later forget. My education consisted of doing what I wanted. Traditional schooling causes stress because students feel an urge to overachieve. I never had the pressure of “getting good grades” in the early years so I don’t have an urge to get exceptional grades now in college. The stress that it causes and that people go through for an extra point is extremely uncalled for. I do know what going through this stress is like, since I went to public school starting in 10 th grade. In my first year, I tried very hard to get good grades and succeeded, despite my lack of “traditional education” prior to this. This proves that the 10 years that I had full freedom and did nothing like reading out of textbook is pointless. I would rather be enjoying life to its fullest than trying to learn some facts and dates only to
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thetrulywise - Logan Millen The Truly Wise 3/25/08 I was...

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