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Calculate the enantiomeric excess ee and the specific

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Unformatted text preview: ed with water, 2 ­butanol is the product. The reaction forms twice as much (S) ­2 ­butanol as (R) ­2 ­ butanol. Calculate the enantiomeric excess (%ee) and the specific rotation expected from the product. (6 pts) (d) Draw all possible (other) stereoisomers of the following compound, and box the enantiomeric pairs: (8 pts) OH CH3 HN CH3 ephedrine (2) Circle the false statement or statements: (4 pts) (a) Diastereomers can often be separated by chromatography. (b) Enantiomers can often be separated by chiral chromatography. (c) Racemic mixtures of drugs are usually more potent and safe. (d) Volatile enantiomeric compounds usually smell the same. (e) Enatiomers have optical rotations of equal magnitude but opposite sign. (3) Assign the absolute configuration (R) or (S) at each chiral carbon. (16 pts) O H CO2H H3C CO2H S N H H C H OH O penicillin G lac...
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