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hw1_S08 - Math 335 Homework#1 Due date Monday Please show...

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Math 335 Homework #1 Due date: Monday, January 28, 2008 Please show all work in detail to receive full credit. Late homework is not accepted. 1. Classify the following quantities according to whether they are vectors or scalars: magnetic field strength, energy, mass, acceleration, air pressure, electric charge. 2. If a a = (1, -1, 1) and b a = (0, 2, 1), find a a · b a , and a a × b a . Find the angle between vectors a a and b a (this may require a calculator). 3. For the two vectors of problem 2, find the component of a a in the direction of b a , and the component of b a in the direction of a a . 4. Find the angle between the main diagonal of a cube and one of its edges. Make a sketch to illustrate the problem (it may be useful to go over the problem 1.6 on p. 8). 5. Find the equation of a line passing through points (0,2,0) and (1,0,0), in the vector
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