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Ecological Footprint - David Fernandez SOCY-1001-105...

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David Fernandez SOCY-1001-105 Tuesday 2pm Thursday, December 06, 2007 Exploriment Week 14—Vision and Action My vision of a perfect world is one of mutual respect and understanding, where people strive for stability and a sustainable global economy. If attaining such a world were even a possibility, it would have to begin by addressing the problems of the world today, on a personal as well as a macro level. Poverty, racism, and crime are all regarded as inevitable; they are here to stay. However, there are many institutional faults that permeate these “facts” of our society. As we know from lecture social change is a complex phenomenon consisting of adjustments in behavior and societal structure, among other things. Changes at one level can cause change at other levels (Walden 2007). For example, by addressing crime at an institutional level, we see that the existence of career criminals is heavily influenced by time in prison. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate people, yet many who exit the prison system find themselves back in. There are
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Ecological Footprint - David Fernandez SOCY-1001-105...

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