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Indd 111 260213 1139 pm 112 l ab 7 relate windows

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Unformatted text preview: 26/02/13 11:39 PM 112 L ab #7 | Relate Windows Encryption and Hashing to Confidentiality and Integrity 3. If a user sends you his/her public key, will he/she be able to decrypt your encrypted messages once you import and sign his/her key? Both parties need to have each other private keys in order to be able to encrypt and decrypt all messages that are exchange among themselves. 4. What key type was used to create the certificate on Kleopatra? What other types of encryption key types are possible? RSA. Others include : 40-bit key, authentication key, benign key, FIREFLY key 5. What was the fingerprint generated with your Kleopatra certificate? 10d42ac847b97d0d8d740e9bf05dc33b8113b9d1 38351_LB07_Pass2.indd 112 26/02/13 11:39 PM...
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