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Sql inject me allows you to test for sql injection

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Unformatted text preview: ows you to test for SQL injection vulnerabilities that hackers can use to hijack your data and modify the contents of a database. Some of these vulnerabilities will even allow an attacker to execute administrative operations on the database, which is disastrous. 38351_LB08_Pass2.indd 124 26/02/13 9:50 AM Assessment Worksheet 125 7. Who is responsible and accountable for the CIA of production Web applications and Web servers? The C-I-A pf production web application and web servers is the responsibility of a certified information systems security personnel in any given IT project fulfillment environment. 8 Perform a Website and Database Attack by Exploiting Identified Vulnerabilities 38351_LB08_Pass2.indd 125 26/02/13 9:50 AM...
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