Perpetua - Perpetua Perpetua was only a 22-year-old...

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Perpetua Perpetua was only a 22-year-old Christian martyr who was against the beliefs of the Roman ways and Gods and was only for her own beliefs of Christianity and to pray for Jesus. Because of her beliefs she did not want any part in praying for the Roman Emperor or Gods, so she was forced to death. Dire circumstances did not defeat her and the prospect of prison, torture and death could not break her spirit. For everyone she demonstrated how faith is the only thing that matters and you should never be forced to believe something. Perpetua was a Christian woman and only prayed to Jesus, she was sentenced to jail because the Romans were against her beliefs and wanted her to follow their ways. During the arrest, there were also a group of others being arrested for the same reason. Perpetua had given birth to a baby boy before she was sentence to prison. She was not allowed to have her baby with her in her stay in the prison. But the Roman authorities did allow her to nurse and care for her child. At that time she said that “the prison became her palace and she was content to stay there.” During her time in prison, many of the Christians who were sentenced to prison started to pray for the Roman Gods and Emperor because they did not want to die. Perpetua herself did not fear death, because no matter what she was never going to
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confess to not being Christian. The Romans asked her one more time to have faith in their ways but still she denied. She was then told she would be sentenced to death and brought to the arena and eaten alive by beasts and animals. During her stay in prison she was visited by many people, her father came to visit because he was the only one besides the Romans that told her that she has to deny Christ and do what the Romans tell her to do so
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Perpetua - Perpetua Perpetua was only a 22-year-old...

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