Persepolis - When a person reads a novel they have to use...

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When a person reads a novel they have to use their own imagery to visualize what they are reading in order to be able to understand and process it. Readers do not have this problem when they are reading a graphic novel. In a graphic novel there are pictures or images that go along with the literature. Using this method of writing is a way for the writer to get their message across to the reader so that the reader can understand with out having to really try to comprehend it on their own, they can easily follow along with the literature and the images. This is seen in the graphic novel; Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. The messages and literature are very easy to follow and comprehend do to the images that go along them. There are many instances where it is necessary when the images that Marjane Satrapi uses in order for the reader to understand what is going on in the text and the overall meaning. These images are used in many different ways and used to show different events or meanings. A major way to realize that the images are very powerful when understanding the novel is when there are no texts to go along with the image. In the graphic novel Persepolis, there are many examples of why using the function of imagery helps the reader comprehend what is going on in the text and novel itself. “The BBC said there were 400 victims. The Shaw said that a group of religious fanatics perpetrated the massacre. But the people knew that it was the Shaw fault!!!” (Satrapi, 15) The image to this text is a bunch of people fleeing to the exit doors of a movie theater and they are turning into ghosts because there is a massacre being held by the Shaw. The bodies that are running towards the exit
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because they are trying to run from the slaughter of people, but they are getting killed so that is shown by the ghosts flying above them. Father: “Let’s talk about
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Persepolis - When a person reads a novel they have to use...

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