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Homer: TheIliadand theOdyssey When Plato says that Homer educated Greece, he sure wasn’t lying. Epic poetry and preliterate cultures Grandness, epic, huge, kings and heroes as focus, first kind of literature preserved. Importance of homer -Central for their education -Culture -Morality IliadandOdyssey -16 000 and 12 000 lines (respectively) -Trojan War (c. 1200 BC) -Later Greeks and Homer.Much was argued about Homer and his tales, but the following things are commonly accepted. Blind bard from the 8thc. Trojan war a historical event The common misconception is that the poems recount the Trojan War.Trojan horse never mentioned in homer, arrow to the achilles of Achilles not in homer. The Homeric question -Fragmented form -Coherent content -During 20thcentury somebody went to Europe to find oral bards and found out that they Were all illiterate Improvised Factually correct, although the time periods don’t always line up.Phalanx form used inIliad during 1200 BC when the tactic was created around 700 BC.Golden cup and boar tusk helmet used by heroes, great we found those things.Phalanx used years ahead of its time, ugh… Iron
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